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(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ stevebucky high school AU where steve is struggling with his identity [choir of baby angels starts singing] 

demisexual steve having no idea asexuality is a thing and he tries to go out with girls and it just never clicks so he tells himself he’s gay but he’s not really attracted to men either and it’s just so confusing and exhausting and the world expects teenage boys to be overly sexual all the time but steve just doesn’t care

and for a while he thinks something must be very wrong with him—who has peggy freaking carter throwing herself at them and doesn’t feel a goddamn thing? who dances with tony stark and doesn’t even try to get their hands on him? 

no one ever says anything to his face because steve is captain of the football team and also has all these super cool friends but he’s fully aware they call him the virgin behind his back sometimes and he knows one of the girls he couldn’t even bring himself to kiss refers to him as the freak and isn’t it just hilarious that one of the most popular boys in school can’t even get it up? 

but then there’s this new guy called james, only he tells steve to call him bucky, and he’s all charm and easiness and earnest smiles, and steve isn’t attracted to him but still thinks he’s terrifyingly beautiful

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